There are few things I love more than cuddling up with an exciting new book. There are always more things I want to learn than time I have in the day, and I think books are such a fun, long-form way of engaging (one where I won’t be tempted to check Twitter partway through).

This book roundup is a selection from the last few years of TWIML guests, counting only the ones related to ML/AI published in the past 10 years. We hope that some of their insights are useful to you! If you liked their book or want to hear more about them before taking the leap into longform writing, check out the accompanying podcast episode (linked on the guest’s name).

(Note: These links are affiliate links, which means that ordering through them helps support our show!)

Adversarial ML

AI Ethics

AI Sci-Fi

AI Analysis

Career Insights

Computational Neuroscience

Computer Vision


Deep Learning

Introduction to Machine Learning

ML Organization


Model Specifics



Software How To