Causality & Probabilistic Modeling in Machine Learning Webinar

Causality and probabilistic modeling are some of the hottest topics in machine learning. In early 2020 we launched a new causality workshop with instructor Robert Osazuwa Ness, which received great feedback from students: "I liked the workshop very much. Robert did a great job of reaching out to students to understand their background and interest [...]

Webinar: Feature Stores for Accelerating AI Development

We’ll be hosting a webinar with Tecton on Tuesday, November 17th, focused on feature stores for MLOps and open source. Join us for this unique opportunity to get hands-on experience with the creators of Tecton’s data platform and learn how you can leverage their tool to build a library of great features and serve them in Machine Learning Systems at scale.

We hope you’re taking some time to relax over the holidays and want to make sure you have plenty of content for when you’re in the mood for a technical binge!  December is always slammed with end-of-year events, and this year is no different. We’ve covered some of the month’s events and innovations in our […]

Every year we take time to recap the most important developments in the various disciplines under the broad machine learning umbrella. Even amongst the uncertainty that 2020 brought, the ML community still managed to produce some great breakthroughs. In these conversations, we brought back some of our friends from the podcast to cover the latest […]

One of the silver linings to an otherwise crazy year was that I spent a lot of time at a desk that would have otherwise been spent in planes, trains, and automobiles. As a result, Team TWIML got quite a lot done this year! I thought I’d share a few of the accomplishments we’re most […]

Thanks to our sponsor! I’d like to send a huge thank you to our friends at Qualcomm Technologies for their continued support of the podcast, and their sponsorship of this NeurIPS series! Qualcomm AI Research is dedicated to advancing AI to make its core capabilities — perception, reasoning, and action — ubiquitous across devices. Their […]