UPDATED FOR 2019! Learn Machine Learning & Deep Learning with us: TWiML x Fast.ai Study Group

On Saturday, February 2nd we’re launching our 3rd cohort of deep learning learners through the Fast.ai Practical Deep Learning for Coders Part 1 course. This study group will meet weekly on Saturdays at 9 am Pacific Time for seven weeks, each week covering a new lesson from the course. We love this course for its ability to have participants building world-class deep learning models right out of the gate, without getting bogged down in theory.

You’ve likely seen some of the press coverage and discussion surrounding the release, or lack thereof, of OpenAI’s new GPT-2 Language Model. The announcement caused quite a stir, with reactions spanning confusion, frustration, concern, and many points in between. Several days later, many open questions remained about the model and the way the release was handled. […]

Bits & Bytes Facebook and Google researchers build RL framework to study language evolution. Their research paper proposes a computational framework allowing agents to interact in a series of games and uses it to demonstrate that symmetric communication protocols (i.e. languages) emerge and evolve without any innate, explicit mechanisms built in the agent. Google releases synthetic speech dataset […]

We’re excited to have partnered with Microsoft to bring you the AI for the Benefit of Society series. This series looks at how Microsoft is helping people solve some of society’s greatest challenges through its AI research efforts and AI for Good grant program. The six-episode series will highlight the company’s work in environmental sustainability, […]

While at NeurIPS this past December, I had the pleasure of attending the second annual Black in AI workshop and dinner, which brings in participants from all over the world to showcase their research, share experiences and support one another. I was fortunate enough to spend the day at the workshop and I’m excited to […]