The TWIML Community is a global network of machine learning, deep learning and AI practitioners and enthusiasts.

We organize ongoing educational programs including study groups for several popular ML/AI courses such as Deep Learning, Machine learning and NLP, Stanford CS224N, and more. We also host several special interest groups focused on topics like Swift for Tensorflow, and competing in Kaggle competitions.

When you join the Community you’ll be invited to our active Slack, where members exchange info, tips, ideas and assistance. You can participate in any of our programs by joining the appropriate Slack channel. Please keep in mind our TWIML Values & Guidelines and our Slack Community Code of Conduct when you join our Community – we’re excited you’re here!

Please see grid below for current programs. Please refer to program details below and respective Slack channels for exact meetup times

Twiml Community schedule

TWIML invites community members to form study groups around topics of interest. For guidelines and to learn more about how to launch a study group click here

Current and Upcoming Programs

The course covers both deep generative models and self-supervised learning, including both their theoretical foundations of these topics as well as their newly enabled applications.
This study group will follow the text Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction, Sutton and Barto, 2nd Edition, 2018 MIT Press.
Six practical and accessible modules on Causal Modeling in Machine Learning in collaboration with research scientist and instructor Robert Ness.
Each week we discuss our personal and professional NLP projects, providing advice and guidance and sharing code.
The Kaggle group meets weekly to work on and discuss Kaggle competion challenges in a variety of domains.