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EPISODE 689  |  
June 18, 2024
Today, we're joined by Andres Ravinet, sustainability global black belt at Microsoft, to discuss the role of AI in sustainability. We explore real-world use cases where AI-driven solutions are leveraged to help tackle environmental and societal challenges, from early warning systems for extreme weather events to reducing food waste along the supply chain to conserving the Amazon rainforest. We cover the major threats that sustainability aims to address, the complexities in standardized sustainability compliance reporting, and the factors driving businesses to take a step toward sustainable practices. Lastly, Andres addresses the ways LLMs and generative AI can be applied towards the challenges of sustainability.
EPISODE 688  |  
June 10, 2024
EPISODE 687  |  
June 3, 2024
EPISODE 686  |  
May 27, 2024

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