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EPISODE 573  |  
May 16, 2022
Today we’re joined by Rob Walker, vp of decisioning & analytics and gm of one-to-one customer engagement at Pegasystems. Rob, who you might know from his previous appearances on the podcast, joins us to discuss his work on AI and ML in the context of customer engagement and decisioning, the various problems that need to be solved, including solving the “next best” problem. We explore the distinction between the idea of next best action and determining it from a recommender system, how the combination of machine learning and heuristics are currently co-existing in engagements, scaling model evaluation, some of the challenges they’re facing when dealing with problems of responsible AI and how they’re managed. Finally, we spend a few minutes digging into the upcoming PegaWorld conference, and what attendees should anticipate at the event.
EPISODE 571  |  
May 9, 2022
EPISODE 570  |  
April 29, 2022
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