Pytorch vs Tensorflow - Interest over time

Thoughts on PyTorch and the Growing PyTorch Ecosystem

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Last week Facebook convened their inaugural PyTorch Developer Conference. Highlights of the conference included the release of PyTorch 1.0 beta and a host of ecosystem vendors announcing their support for the framework. Early last year TensorFlow was the presumptive winner of the deep learning framework wars. Since then, PyTorch has grown dramatically in developer mindshare. PyTorch’s…

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TWiML Presents: Deep Learning Indaba 2018

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A few weeks ago, machine learning & AI researchers, practitioners and students from Africa and around the world met at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, for the second annual Deep Learning Indaba, an event that aims to expand African participation in and contribution to the field. While I wasn’t able to make it to Cape Town,…

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Peter Lee Microsoft Research Photo

On AI in China, with Microsoft Research’s Peter Lee

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Last week I attended the Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando. One of the highlights of the experience was the opportunity to hear from Peter Lee, the corporate VP responsible for much of Microsoft’s AI research, their healthcare initiative, and the Microsoft Research labs in Beijing and, as of recently, Shanghai. One of the comments Peter…

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Join Team TWiML

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To support our growing content, education, and community programs, I’m looking for a Content & Community Marketing Assistant. This could be you if you’re extremely organized and detail-oriented, with skills in one or more of the following: Email marketing Social media management Website content management You’ll also need to be high energy, a self-starter, resourceful and…

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TWiML Transcription Project

New Transcription Insights

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Earlier this summer I posted about my daughter Malaika’s internship with TWiML, exploring the use of machine learning services to transcribe the podcast. She’s off enjoying her freshman year at college now, but she posted an update on her project a few weeks ago that I thought I’d share here. If you’re interested in the state of…

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TWiML Presents: Strata Data Conference NY 2018

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend some time at the Strata Data Conference, presented by O’Reilly and Cloudera, in New York. While on site, I was able to meet with some of the speakers from the conference. In this series, you’ll hear a few of those great conversations. Thanks to our…

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Nick Bostrom Superintelligence Interview

Exploring Superintelligence with Nick Bostrom

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This week on the podcast we published my discussion with Oxford’s Nick Bostrom about his work in the growing field of AI safety and ethics. Bostrom heads up the Future of Humanity Institute, a multidisciplinary institute focused on answering big-picture questions for humanity with regards to the safe and ethical development and use of AI. He is,…

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TWiML Online Meetup Goes Global

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I didn’t realize it until sitting down to write this, but today marks the one-year anniversary of the TWiML Online Meetup! Over the course of the past year, meetup members have had a chance to learn about and explore a wide range of topics related to machine and deep learning, participate in great discussions during our meetup sessions and…

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When Frontier Technologies Collide

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak at the inaugural FWD:DFW conference sponsored by Capital One Finance, the bank’s Plano-based auto finance arm. The event, which attracted speakers from around the country and across Capital One and attendees from throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth region, was focused on data-driven innovation. A recurring theme at…

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Special Guest Post: Comparing Machine Transcription Services

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It’s been an exciting summer on many fronts here at TWiML HQ. One of the things I’m most pumped up about is the work of our first intern, Malaika, a recent high school graduate (and my daughter 😀). Malaika wrote a blog post introducing herself and her project, and just published her first project update. I’m including…

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