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We use the term MLOps here on the Solutions Guide to refer to systems, tools, and platforms that support the entire machine learning lifecycle. MLOps includes data acquisition and preparation, model development and training, and model deployment and operations.

Data Types Handled
Augment decision-making. Accelerate innovation. Empower everyone.
Unify your analytics, data science, and process automation with a single platform
Machine learning for every developer and data scientist
The end-to-end data science platform
Enterprise-grade machine learning service to build and deploy models faster
Model serving made easy
Machine learning made beautifully simple for everyone
Enterprise AI Platform
No-code AI you can use
Monitor, explain, and optimize ML models
Where the World Builds AI
Your entire MLOps stack in one open-source tool
Industrialize AI with Cloudera Machine Learning
Industry-leading AI OS for machine learning
Build better models faster
Operationalize Responsible AI with Credo AI
Everything you need to go from pixels to value
One cloud platform for massive scale data engineering and collaborative data science
Collaborative data science
Power your AI solution with our end-to-end data engine