It is the premier directory of AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science related products, services, and projects.

Unlike most directories, the Solutions Guide is focused and deep. We will provide deep product descriptions, useful educational content, and solid analysis of the various solutions available in this market space.

We’re starting with the AI/ML Platforms and Tools category which contains these four sub-categories: End-to-end AI/ML Platforms; Data Acquisition and Preparation Tools; Model Development and Training Tools; and Model Deployment and Operations tools.

Once we have that first category built, we aim to expand into other categories such as: AI-based industry or functional applications; AI-enabled business analytics; AI components; AI services for language, audio, vision, and search; Frameworks; Infrastructure; and more.

We just haven’t gotten to it yet! If you are a vendor who would like to have a product listed, please consider filling out a vendor product application form. If you are a buyer and you’re interested in a particular product that’s not yet listed, please let us know on the contact form.

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