About TWIML and the TWIML Solutions Guide

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are dramatically changing the way businesses operate and people live. By sharing and amplifying the voices of a broad and diverse spectrum of machine learning and AI researchers, practitioners, and innovators, our programs help make ML and AI more accessible, and enhance the lives of our audience and their communities.

“TWIML” has its origins in “This Week in Machine Learning & AI”, a podcast Sam Charrington launched in mid-2016 to a small but enthusiastic reception. Fast forward four years, and the TWIML AI Podcast is now a leading voice in the field, with over ??? million downloads and a large and engaged community following. TWIML has since expanded and now offers  online meetups and study groups, conferences, a variety of educational content, and now this new Solutions Guide.

The TWIML Solution Guide’s mission is to make it easier for buyers and sellers to understand each other. We help buyers better understand the language of the industry and what products and services they may want to explore. We also work with vendors to help them articulate more clearly what they’re providing to prospective buyers. 

We achieve both of these by providing deep product/service profiles with industry-specific feature taxonomy as well as by providing educational content to help explain an industry that sometimes seems built on jargon and complexity.