Comet Overview

Build better models faster by using state-of-the-art hyperparameter optimization and supervised early stopping tools. Focus on adding business value to your data pipeline while Comet automates the rest.

Deploys On
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Other Public Cloud
  • Kubernetes
  • Private Cloud or Datacenter
  • SaaS

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Comet Details

Drive Business Impact
Improve your models, algorithms, visibility, collaboration, and productivity to drive real business value from AI.

See the Big Picture
Unlock project-level insights, identify solutions, allocate resources, and communicate results across the organization

Run Anywhere
Supports your deployment strategy whether it’s private cloud, on-premise servers or hybrid.


Hyperparameter Optimization
Fully managed parameter optimization service with grid, random, and bayesian strategies. No setup needed - just define the search space and run. Works in parallel and supports distributed training.

Predictive Early Stopping (Enterprise only)
Reduce training time and GPU costs by up to 30% by intelligently stopping experiments as soon as they converged. Powered by our own ML service trained on millions of models.

Neural Architecture Search (Coming soon)
Find the optimal neural architecture using Comet’s architecture search. Search thousands of architectures with the click of a button.

Comet Vendor Information
Vendor Overview is a machine learning platform designed to help AI practitioners and teams build reliable machine learning models.
Vendor Details
Year Founded
HQ Location
New York, New York, United States

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