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Unify your analytics, data science, and process automation with a single platform
Alteryx Overview
The Alteryx Analytic Process Automation (APA) Platform delivers end-to-end automation of analytics, machine learning, and data science processes; enabling the agility needed to accelerate digital transformation. With the Alteryx APA Platform you can automate processes, embed intelligent decisioning, and power your people to deliver faster, better business outcomes.
  • MLOps Features:
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Versioning
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Preparation
  • Data Pipelines
  • Data Labeling
  • AutoML
  • Featurization
  • Feature Store
  • ML Pipelines or Workflows
  • Model Registry
  • Model Marketplace
  • Model Training
  • Distributed Model Training
  • Model Debugging
  • Experiment Management
  • Deep Learning Support
  • Reinforcement Learning Support
  • Bias Detection and Mitigation
  • Model Explainability
  • Hyperparameter Optimization
  • Model Packaging
  • Model Deployment and Serving
  • Edge ML Support
  • Model Monitoring
  • Cost Management
  • ML Infrastructure Orchestration
  • Accelerator Support
  • Kubernetes Support

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Additional Product Information
Deploys On
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Other Public Cloud
  • Kubernetes
  • Private Cloud or Datacenter
  • SaaS
Alteryx Vendor Information
Vendor Overview
Alteryx, Inc. was formed in 2011 and is a leader in self-service data science and analytics. Alteryx provides analysts with the ability to easily prep, blend and analyze all of their data using a repeatable workflow, then deploy and share analytics at scale for deeper insights in hours, not weeks. Analysts love the Alteryx Analytics platform because they can connect to and cleanse data from data warehouses, cloud applications, spreadsheets and other sources, easily join this data together, then perform analytics – predictive, statistical and spatial – using the same intuitive user interface, without writing any code. Alteryx customers range from many of the world’s largest and best known brands, including Experian, Kaiser Permanente, Ford, and McDonald’s, to growing organizations such as Rosenblatt Securities, Veritix, and Consumer Orbit, who all use the power of data for a competitive edge. Alteryx was founded by Dean Stoecker, Alteryx CEO & Chairman; Ned Harding, Alteryx CTO; and Olivia Duane Adams, Alteryx Chief Customer Officer. It is funded by Insight Venture Partners, Iconiq Capital, Meritech Capital, SAP Ventures, Thomson-Reuters, and Toba Capital. Headquartered in Irvine, California, and with offices in Broomfield, Silicon Valley, Dallas, Chicago, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, and Australia, Singapore, France and Japan. Alteryx empowers over 3,500 customers worldwide. Alteryx is a publicly traded company listed on the NYSE with the ticker symbol of AYX You can reach Alteryx from its website or by calling 1-888-836-4274. Alteryx is a registered trademark of Alteryx, Inc.
Vendor Details
Year Founded
HQ Location
Irvine, California, United States
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