Accelerating Sustainability with AI with Andres Ravinet

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About this Episode

Today, we're joined by Andres Ravinet, sustainability global black belt at Microsoft, to discuss the role of AI in sustainability. We explore real-world use cases where AI-driven solutions are leveraged to help tackle environmental and societal challenges, from early warning systems for extreme weather events to reducing food waste along the supply chain to conserving the Amazon rainforest. We cover the major threats that sustainability aims to address, the complexities in standardized sustainability compliance reporting, and the factors driving businesses to take a step toward sustainable practices. Lastly, Andres addresses the ways LLMs and generative AI can be applied towards the challenges of sustainability.

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I’d like to send a huge thanks to our friends at Microsoft for their support of the podcast and their sponsorship of today’s episode. Microsoft is your gateway to the future through cutting-edge AI technology! From virtual assistants to groundbreaking machine learning, Microsoft is a leader in AI innovation. The company is committed to ensuring responsible AI use, empowering people worldwide, including startups and digital natives, with intelligent technology to tackle societal challenges in sustainability, accessibility, and humanitarian action. Microsoft technologies empower you, your startup, and digital community to achieve more and innovate boundlessly. Explore the possibilities by visiting

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