Decoding Animal Behavior to Train Robots with EgoPet with Amir Bar

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About this Episode

Today, we're joined by Amir Bar, a PhD candidate at Tel Aviv University and UC Berkeley to discuss his research on visual-based learning, including his recent paper, “EgoPet: Egomotion and Interaction Data from an Animal’s Perspective.” Amir shares his research projects focused on self-supervised object detection and analogy reasoning for general computer vision tasks. We also discuss the current limitations of caption-based datasets in model training, the ‘learning problem’ in robotics, and the gap between the capabilities of animals and AI systems. Amir introduces ‘EgoPet,’ a dataset and benchmark tasks which allow motion and interaction data from an animal's perspective to be incorporated into machine learning models for robotic planning and proprioception. We explore the dataset collection process, comparisons with existing datasets and benchmark tasks, the findings on the model performance trained on EgoPet, and the potential of directly training robot policies that mimic animal behavior.

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