AI for Power & Energy with Laurent Boinot

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About this Episode

Today we're joined by Laurent Boinot, power and utilities lead for the Americas at Microsoft, to discuss the intersection of AI and energy infrastructure. We discuss the many challenges faced by current power systems in North America and the role AI is beginning to play in driving efficiencies in areas like demand forecasting and grid optimization. Laurent shares a variety of examples along the way, including some of the ways utility companies are using AI to ensure secure systems, interact with customers, navigate internal knowledge bases, and design electrical transmission systems. We also discuss the future of nuclear power, and why electric vehicles might play a critical role in American energy management.

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I’d like to send a huge thanks to our friends at Microsoft for their support of the podcast and their sponsorship of today’s episode. Microsoft is your gateway to the future through cutting-edge AI technology! From virtual assistants to groundbreaking machine learning, Microsoft is a leader in AI innovation. The company is committed to ensuring responsible AI use, empowering people worldwide, including startups and digital natives, with intelligent technology to tackle societal challenges in sustainability, accessibility, and humanitarian action. Microsoft technologies empower you, your startup, and digital community to achieve more and innovate boundlessly. Explore the possibilities by visiting

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  1. Enjoyable podcast, but this episode with Laurent Boinot got me worried. Did I miss the explanation of how LLMs or SLMs are going to solve hallucination (and other issues well documented by critical data studies and critical AI studies scholars) robustly enough that its use within regulatory reporting regimes of power utilities is an opportunity rather than a risk? Maybe this is something you could revisit in a later episode?

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