Video as a Universal Interface for AI Reasoning with Sherry Yang

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About this Episode

Today we’re joined by Sherry Yang, senior research scientist at Google DeepMind and a PhD student at UC Berkeley. In this interview, we discuss her new paper, "Video as the New Language for Real-World Decision Making,” which explores how generative video models can play a role similar to language models as a way to solve tasks in the real world. Sherry draws the analogy between natural language as a unified representation of information and text prediction as a common task interface and demonstrates how video as a medium and generative video as a task exhibit similar properties. This formulation enables video generation models to play a variety of real-world roles as planners, agents, compute engines, and environment simulators. Finally, we explore UniSim, an interactive demo of Sherry's work and a preview of her vision for interacting with AI-generated environments.

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