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Industrious times here at TWIML

This week’s podcast puts a bow on what we’re now calling “Season One” of our Industrial AI podcast series. I love this series for a couple of reasons: First, because it’s the first of many themed series here on the podcast, including one in the works on AI for autonomous vehicles. Second, because it’s the first tie-in between the podcast and my “day job” as an industry analyst, another trend I see accelerating.

The series coincided with the development of my industrial AI report, which I’ve mentioned a few times on the pod. Why am I so excited about this report? In part because of its back-story: what was originally intended to be a short overview of the space turned into a 28-page long, extensively documented (36 references!) paper by the time I was done.

Industrious FTW! Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Applications

The focus of the paper is defining the opportunity around industrial AI, categorizing and exploring industrial AI use cases, and exploring various challenges and solutions.

The report develops the idea of monitoring, optimization and control as a taxonomy of sorts for not only industrial AI problems, but for AI-enabled business applications as well.

In fact, I’ve found these to form a maturity model for AI adoption across various use cases: Most companies start by using AI to help them keep an eye on things, as they grow in confidence they use it to make those things better, but with manual intervention, and when trust is established, they give AI the reigns and allow it to exercise control.

Industrious FTW! Challenges and Solutions

If you’re interested in learning more, you’ll soon be able to download the report, compliments of my friends over at Bonsai, one of the sponsors of my work in the area (along with at GE Digital).

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