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    I’ve mentioned my interest in industrial applications of machine learning & AI a few times on the podcast. I’ve been doing some research in the area, and I’m very close to publishing a special report on the topic. If you’re interested in learning more about this project, let me know via the form on this page, and I’ll let you know when the report is available and as I publish updates.

    UPDATE: The Industrial AI report is now available via my CloudPulse Strategies web site. Visit to download it.

    In conjunction with the report, we’ve got something special to debut on here the podcast. For the next several weeks, our shows will be focused on topics related to industrial AI. Our industrial AI series will be discussing application areas like manufacturing, warehouse automation, and smart buildings; and practice areas like robotics, reinforcement learning, and simulation. Of course, as always, we love your comments, feedback and suggestions, which you can leave below.

    Thanks to Our Sponsors

    A big thank you to the sponsors of my Industrial AI research and podcast series:

    • Bonsai, a startup whose work I’ve been following them since their launch just over a year ago. I’ve been impressed with their team and technology, and grateful for their support. If you’re building AI-powered applications to optimize and control enterprise systems, check them out at Please let them know you appreciate their support of the podcast.

    •, now part of GE Digital, was among the first companies I began following in what I called the Machine Learning platforms space, back in 2012/2013. At GE Digital, the team is focused on creating technology and solutions to enable advanced capabilities for the Industrial Internet of things, making infrastructure more intelligent and advancing the industries critical to the world we live in. Please check them out at

    Industrial AI Podcast Series

    TWiML Talk #27Intelligent Autonomous RobotsIlia Baranov, Clearpath Robotics

    TWiML Talk #28Deep Reinforcement Learning Deep DivePieter Abbeel, UC Berkeley & OpenAI

    TWiML Talk #29Robotic Perception & ControlChelsea Finn, UC Berkeley

    TWiML Talk #36Smart Buildings & IoTYodit Stanton,

    TWiML Talk #37Deep Robotic LearningSergey Levine, UC Berkeley

    TWiML Talk #38Deep Learning for Warehouse OperationsCalvin Seward, Zalando

    TWiML Talk #42Marrying Physics-Based and Data-Driven ML ModelsJosh Bloom, at GE Digital

    TWiML Talk #43Machine Teaching for Better Machine LearningMark Hammond, Bonsai

    Season 1 of the Industrial AI series is complete. Sign up using the form above and we’ll keep you posted as we release new Industrial AI resources.

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