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Comings and Goings

July’s been a busy month. Last week I was in NYC for the launch of Intel’s Xeon Scalable platform. It probably goes without saying, but AI figured very prominently into their launch. In particular, they touted increased training performance of 113x and 2.4x improved inference throughput, relative to prior generation Xeon chips. Since many AI workloads end up running on Intel CPUs, particularly for “casual” users, this should improve productivity for a lot of people. The new chips may already be available in a cloud near you, as Intel has delivered more than half a million of them to AWS and Google via its early ship program.

Comings and Goings Sam Charrington


This morning I’m off to San Francisco for the Wrangle Conference on Wednesday. I’ve mentioned the event on the podcast a few times, and I’m looking forward it. I’ve got a few interesting interviews scheduled and the conference agenda looks great with data folk from companies like Airbnb, Facebook and Netflix presenting, among others. Let me know if you’ll be around; I’d love to connect!

Next week, two of my favorite people are collaborating on an event in Toronto that the podcast is sponsoring. Charlie Oliver’s Tech2025 is hosting a workshop by Integrate.ai’s Kathryn Hume called “Explain It Like I’m 5: What’s the Difference Between AI, Machine Learning, NLP, and Deep Learning?” Given that Kathryn’s last talk explored the future of AI and Aristotelian causality via a fictional biography of a child, this one should be interesting, to say the least! Any TWIML listeners in the 416?

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