Multilingual LLMs and the Values Divide in AI with Sara Hooker

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Today we’re joined by Sara Hooker, director at Cohere and head of Cohere For AI, Cohere’s research lab. In our conversation with Sara, we explore some of the challenges with multilingual models like poor data quality and tokenization, and how they rely on data augmentation and preference training to address these bottlenecks. We also discuss the disadvantages and the motivating factors behind the Mixture of Experts technique, and the importance of common language between ML researchers and hardware architects to address the pain points in frameworks and create a better cohesion between the distinct communities. Sara also highlights the impact and the emotional connection that language models have created in society, the benefits and the current safety concerns of universal models, and the significance of having grounded conversations to characterize and mitigate the risk and development of AI models. Along the way, we also dive deep into Cohere and Cohere for AI, along with their Aya project, an open science project that aims to build a state-of-the-art multilingual generative language model as well as some of their recent research papers.

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