Big Science and Embodied Learning at Hugging Face with Thomas Wolf

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Today we’re joined by Thomas Wolf, co-founder and chief science officer at Hugging Face . We cover a ton of ground In our conversation, starting with Thomas’ interesting backstory as a quantum physicist and patent lawyer, and how that lead him to a career in machine learning. We explore how Hugging Face began, what the current direction is for the company, and how much of their focus is NLP and language models versus other disciplines. We also discuss the BigScience project, a year-long research workshop where 1000+ researchers of all backgrounds and disciplines have come together to create a 800GB multilingual dataset and model. We talk through their approach to curating the dataset, model evaluation at this scale, and how they differentiate their work from projects like Eluther AI. Finally, we dig into Thomas’ work on multimodality, his thoughts on the metaverse, his new book NLP with Transformers, and much more!

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