Inverse Programming for Deeper AI with Zenna Tavares

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About this Episode

For today's show, the final episode of our Black in AI Series, I'm joined by Zenna Tavares, a PhD student in the both the department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT.

I spent some time with Zenna after his talk at the Strange Loop conference titled "Running Programs in Reverse for Deeper AI." Zenna shares some great insight into his work on program inversion, an idea which lies at the intersection of Bayesian modeling, deep-learning, and computational logic. We set the stage with a discussion of inverse graphics and the similarities between graphic inversion and vision inversion. We then discuss the application of these techniques to intelligent systems, including the idea of parametric inversion. Last but not least, zenna details how these techniques might be implemented, and discusses his work on ReverseFlow, a library to execute tensorflow programs backwards, and Sigma.jl a probabilistic programming environment implemented in the dynamic programming language Julia. This talk packs a punch, and I'm glad to share it with you.

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