Black in AI 2018

While at NIPS in December, I attended the Black in AI workshop and dinner, and had a chance to meet a bunch of amazing people. Black in AI brought in participants from all over the world, and featured some great speakers like Charles Onu and Nyalleng Moorosi, both of whom you'll hear from in this series. The workshop included a poster session that showcased the work of students and practitioners alike, and was followed by an incredible dinner (and party of course) where I had the chance to meet and chat with some more awesome people. The event was organized in part by Timnit Gebru, who we had on the show a few months ago, and Moustapha Cisse, who you'll hear from in the first episode of this series, along with a host of other great people. This is a great group and community that I was fortunate enough to spend some time with, as they are doing important work of supporting a diverse pool of AI students and practitioners. This week on the show, we'll be highlighting some of the great work being done by folks in this community.