Fine-Grained Player Prediction in Sports with Jennifer Hobbs

Banner Image: Jennifer Hobbs - Podcast Interview

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About this Episode

In this episode of the series, I'm joined by Jennifer Hobbs, Senior Data Scientist at STATS, a collector and distributor of sports data, covering sports like basketball, soccer, American football and rugby.

Jennifer and I explore the STATS data pipeline and how they collect and store different types of data for easy consumption and application. We dig into a paper she co-authored, Mythbusting Set-Pieces in Soccer, which takes a look at the data surrounding free kicks and corner kicks in soccer in an effort to debunk some long-standing myths around various situations. If you're using machine learning to predict World Cup winners, you'll definitely want to check this segment out. Finally, Jennifer and I chat about potential projects and applications of machine learning to sports, and the accessibility of sports-specific datasets for hobbyists.

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