Empathy in AI with Rob Walker

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About this Episode

Today we're joined by Rob Walker, Vice President of Decision Management at Pegasystems.

Rob joined us back in episode 127 to discuss "Hyperpersonalizing the customer experience." Today, he's back for a discussion about the role of empathy in AI systems. In our conversation, we dig into the role empathy plays in consumer-facing human-AI interactions, the differences between empathy and ethics, and a few examples of ways empathy should be considered when building enterprise AI systems.

What do you think? Should empathy be a consideration in AI systems? If so, do any examples jump out for you of where and how it should be applied? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic! Feel free to shoot me a tweet at @samcharrington or leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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Thanks to our friends at Pega for their support of the podcast and their sponsorship of today's show. Pega is a low-code platform for AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation. Its scalable architecture helps the world's leading organizations work smarter, unify experiences, and adapt instantly - so they're always ready for what's next. Check out the latest from Pega at their annual conference PegaWorld inspire, which will focus on how to address constantly shifting perspectives in an ever-evolving world, including guidance, strategies, and powerful tools to achieve resiliency in the face of rapid change. The event will be held virtually on May 24th for the Americas and Europe. And again, on May 25th for Asia Pacific. Agenda and registration details can be found at pegaworld.com.


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