Computer Vision for Cozmo, the Cutest Toy Robot Eveeerrr! with Andrew Stein

Banner Image: Andrew Stein - Podcast Interview

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About this Episode

In this episode, I'm joined by Andrew Stein, computer vision engineer at consumer robotics company Anki, and his partner in crime Cozmo, a toy robot with tons of personality.

Andrew joined me during the hustle and bustle of CES a few weeks ago to give me some insight into how Cozmo works, plays, and learns, and how he's different from other consumer robots you may know, such as the Roomba. We discuss the types of algorithms that help power Cozmo, such as facial detection and recognition, 3D pose recognition, reasoning, and even some simple emotional AI. We also cover Cozmo's functionality and programmability, including a cool feature called Code Lab. This was a really fun interview, and you'll be happy to know there's a companion video on YouTube starring Cozmo himself, which of course we'll link to on the show notes page.

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