AI Rewind 2021: Trends in Machine Learning & Deep Learning with Zachary Lipton

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About this Episode

Today we continue our AI Rewind 2021 series joined by a friend of the show, assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University, and AI Rewind veteran, Zack Lipton! In our conversation with Zack, we touch on recurring themes like “NLP Eating AI” and the recent slowdown in innovation in the field, the redistribution of resources across research problems, and where the opportunities for real breakthroughs lie. We also discuss problems facing the current peer-review system, notable research from last year like the introduction of the WILDS library, and the evolution of problems (and potential solutions) in fairness, bias, and equity. Of course, we explore some of the use cases and application areas that made notable progress in 2021, what Zack is looking forward to in 2022 and beyond, and much more!
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