AI for customer service and marketing at Aeromexico with Brian Gross

Banner Image: Brian Gross - Podcast Interview

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About this Episode

This week on the podcast we're running a series of shows consisting of conversations with some of the impressive speakers from an event called the AI Summit in New York City. The theme of the conference, and the series, is AI in the Enterprise, and I think you'll find it really interesting in that it includes a mix of both technical and case-study-oriented discussions. Today I'm joined by Brian Gross, Head of Digital Innovation for the Mexico City-based airline AeroMexico.

AeroMexico is using AI techniques like neural nets to build a chatbot that responds to its customer's inquiries. In our conversation, Brian describes how he views the chatbot landscape, shares his thoughts on the platform requirements that established enterprises like AeroMexico have for chatbots, and describes how AeroMexico plans to stay ahead of the curve. Be sure post any feedback or questions you may have to the show notes page, which you'll find at

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