AI for Accessibility with Wendy Chisolm

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In this episode of our AI For the Benefit of Society with Microsoft series, we're joined by Wendy Chisholm, Lois Brady and Matthew Guggemos. Today we're joined by Wendy Chisholm, Lois Brady, and Matthew Guggemos. Wendy is a principal accessibility architect at Microsoft, and one of the chief proponents of the AI for Accessibility program, which extends grants to AI-powered accessibility projects the areas of Employment, Daily Life, and Communication & Connection. Lois and Matthew are Co-Founders and CEO and CTO, respectively, of iTherapy, an AI for Accessibility grantee and creator of the Inner Voice app, which utilizes visual language to strengthen communication in children on the autism scale. In our conversation, we discuss the intersection of AI and accessibility, the lasting impact that innovation in AI can have for people with disabilities and society as a whole, and the importance of programs like AI for Accessibility in bringing projects in this area to fruition.
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