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IBM takes Watson AI to AWS, Google, Azure.

FAIR open-sources new ELF OpenGo data set, research, and insights.

  • Facebook AI Research (FAIR’s) new features and research results include a completely retrained model of ELF OpenGo using reinforcement learning. The open-sourcing of these models provide an important benchmark for future research.

Google collaborates with DeepMind to announce PlaNet for reinforcement learning.

  • The Deep Planning Network (PlaNet) agent learns a world model from image inputs and leverages it for planning. It’s able to solve a variety of image-based tasks with up to 5,000 percent the data efficiency.

Cogitai launches Continua, a cloud-based, self-learning AI platform for businesses.

IBM, SUNY Poly creating AI “hardware lab” in Albany.

  • IBM has agreed to extend its presence at SUNY Poly’s Center for Semiconductor Research through 2023, with an option for another five-year agreement after that. IBM’s total spending under the deal will be $2 billion.

Google announces Live Transcribe for real-time continuous transcription.

Unity announces forthcoming Obstacle Tower Challenge.

  • The new AI challenge aims to test the vision, control, planning, and generalization abilities of intelligent agents in an end-to-end manner. It’s based on Obstacle Tower, a new research environment combining platform-style gameplay with puzzles and planning problems, spanning an endless number of floors that become progressively more difficult as an agent advances.

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