Bits & Bytes

  • AI getting stylish. Amazon’s Lab126 has developed (using GANs) an algorithm that learns fashion styles from images and can generate new items in similar styles from scratch. Zalando has released Fashion-MNIST, a dataset consisting of 70k 28×28 images of clothing and accessories designed to be a drop-in replacement for the ubiquitous MNIST database of handwritten digits.
  • Ride the Brainwave. Microsoft announced a deep learning hardware platform called Brainwave. Brainwave includes a neural network processing unit (DPU) based on FPGAs, an architecture for building distributed systems around the DPUs, and the requisite software toolchain for using the system, which supports Microsoft’s CNTK as well at TensorFlow.
  • Killer robot ban. Elon Musk and a group of researchers and AI experts from 26 countries have called for a UN ban on armed autonomous robots. It’s not the first time, but sounds like a good idea to me.
  • Reinforcing RL. Didn’t get enough RL in our Industrial AI series? Check out this newly published paper which reviews research in the field: A Brief Survey of Deep Reinforcement Learning.

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