TWIML Presents: AI in Consumer Electronics 2018

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As you might know, I spent a few days at CES earlier in the month. While there, I spoke with a bunch of folks applying AI in the Consumer Electronics industry, and I’m including you in those conversations via this series of shows. Stay tuned as we explore some of the very cool ways that machine learning and AI are being used to enhance our everyday lives.

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I’d like to thank our friends at Intel AI for their continued support of the podcast. Intel was extremely active at this year’s CES, with a bunch of AI, autonomous driving and VR related announcements. One of the more interesting partnerships announced was a collaboration with the Ferrari Challenge North America race series. Along with the folks at Ferrari Challenge, Intel AI aspires to make the racing viewing experience more personalized by using deep computer vision to detect and monitor individual race cars via camera feeds, and allowing viewers choose the specific car’s feeds that they’d like to watch. Look for my conversation with Intel’s Andy Keller and Emile Chin-Dickey, episode 104 in this series, for an in-depth discussion about this project, and be sure to visit where you’ll find Andy’s technical blog post on the topic!

TWIML Presents: AI in Consumer Electronics

TWIML Talk #103Deep Learning for 3D Sensors and Cameras in LighthouseAlex Teichman, Lighthouse
TWIML Talk #104Personalizing the Ferrari Challenge ExperienceAndy Keller
Emile Chin-Dickey
TWIML Talk #105Machine Learning for Signal Processing ApplicationsStuart Feffer, Reality AI
Brady Tsai, Koito
TWIML Talk #106Physiology-Based Models for Fitness and Training with FirstbeatIlkka Korhonen, Firstbeat
TWIML Talk #107Peering into the Home w/ Aerial’s Wifi Motion AnalyticsMichel Allegue
Negar Ghourchian

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