Peering Into the Home with Aerial’s Wifi Motion Analytics

Banner Image: Negar Ghourchian, Michel Allegue - Podcast Interview

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About this Episode

In this episode I'm joined by Michel Allegue and Negar Ghourchian of Aerial is doing some really interesting things in the home automation space, by using wifi signal statistics to identify and understand what's happening in our homes and office environments.

Michel, the CTO, describes some of the capabilities of their platform, including its ability to detect not only people and pets within the home, but surprising characteristics like breathing rates and patterns. He also gives us a look into the data collection process, including the types of data needed, how they obtain it, and how it is parsed. Negar, a senior data scientist with Aerial, describes the types of models used, including semi-supervised, unsupervised and signal processing based models, and how they've scaled their platform, and provides us with some real-world use cases.


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