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Learn Machine Learning & Deep Learning with us: TWiML x Fast.ai Study Group

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In my interview with Fast.AI’s Rachel Thomas back in May, I mentioned that I was planning to work through their Deep Learning for Coders course this summer, having put it off for a while. I offered that interested folks could to take it with me and, well, I was totally blown away by the interest in this. We had hundreds of people sign up for our first study group, and a bunch of us successfully completed that course together.

Having demonstrated the effectiveness of the Study Group model, we’ve gone on to expand the study groups available to TWiML Online Meetup members. We’re currently running two study groups:

TWiML x Fast.ai Machine Learning Course Study Group

The Machine Learning course is a new offering by fast.ai and our study group starts Sunday, October 7th at 15 GMT, and will continue for 12 weeks. Two main types of models are covered in the course: decision tree based models (particularly “forests” of bagged decision trees), and gradient descent based models (particularly logistic regression and its variants).
Along the way, you’ll learn many important skills in data preparation, model testing, and product development (including ethical issues specific to data products).

TWiML x Fast.ai Deep Learning for Coders Part 1 Course Study Group

We have a study group for the Deep Learning course currently in progress but now is still a great time to join. Fast.ai recently announced that the next course, which starts on October 22nd, will be open to remote participants for free (sign up here). We’ll be continuing to work on the current version of the course until that time, at which time we’ll start over and sync up the study group sessions with the live course.

To join either of these groups, or for more info, visit https://twimlai.com/meetup and select the programs you’re interested in.

About the study groups
The goal of the study groups are to provide support and encouragement to course participants to help them overcome any rough patches, stick with it longer, and learn more. We use the following to do this:

  • FastAI channel on the TWiML slack. We’ll be collaborating via the TWiML Online Meetup Slack group, which you’ll automatically be invited to when you join the meetup. When study groups are underway the conversation there can be quite lively. Once you’ve joined the Slack, introduce yourself on the #intros channel and join the #fast_ai channel for updates.

  • Weekly help sessions via Zoom. We meet weekly via video conference to discuss the week’s lesson, what we’ve learned so far, and any stumbling blocks. Participants are encouraged to join whether or not they have specific issues they need help with.

How to join
To recap, here’s how to join:

  1. Sign up for the TWiML Online Meetup, checking the appropriate study groups in the programs section.
  2. Use the email invitation you’ll receive to join our Slack group. If you don’t receive it within a few minutes, check your spam folder.
  3. Once you’re in Slack, join the #fast_ai channel and hop over to #intros as well and introduce yourself.



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  • Renato Candido

    Hi, I’m already receiving the Meetups updates by email but I haven’t received the invitation to the Slack group. I’ve tried to SIgn Up for the Meet Up again but I do not receive the invitation (maybe because I’ve already signed up?).

    Can you send me the invitation to the Slack group, please?



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