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My guest this week is Jennifer Prendki. That name might sound familiar, as she was one of the great speakers from my Future of Data Summit back in May. At the time, Jennifer was senior data science manager and principal data scientist at Walmart Labs, but she’s since moved on to become head of data science at Atlassian. Back at the summit, Jennifer gave an awesome talk on what she calls Data Mixology, the slides for which you can find below.

My conversation with Jennifer begins with a recap of that talk. After that, we shift our focus to some of the practices she helped develop and implement at Walmart around the measurement and management of machine learning models in production, and more generally, building agile processes and teams for machine learning.

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The details are set for the next TWIML Online Meetup! Mark your calendars… the September meetup will be held on Tuesday, September 12th, from 3-4pm PST. The discussion will be lead by Nikola Kučerová, who will be presenting “Learning Long-Term Dependencies with Gradient Descent is Difficult”, by Yoshua Bengio & company. This is one of the classic papers on Recurrent Neural Networks, so you won’t want to miss it. For additional details or to join the meetup, head over to If you missed the first meetup, the recording is available on that page as well.

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The folks at Cloudera are so confident that you’re going to like what you see, that for a limited time, they’re offering a drone to qualified participants, simply for meeting with their sales representative for a demonstration of Cloudera’s Data Science Workbench.

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