Advances in Reinforcement Learning with Sergey Levine

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Today we’re joined by Sergey Levine, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley. We last heard from Sergey back in 2017, where we explored Deep Robotic Learning. We caught up with Sergey at NeurIPS 2019, where Sergey and his team presented 12 different papers — which means a lot of ground to cover!

Sergey and his lab’s recent efforts have been focused on contributing to a future where machines can be “out there in the real world, learning continuously through their own experience.” Sergey shares how many of the papers presented at the most recent NeurIPS conference are working to make that happen. Some of the major developments have been in the research fields of model-free reinforcement learning, causality and imitation learning, and offline reinforcement learning.

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