Dissecting the Controversy around OpenAI’s New Language Model

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You’ve likely seen some of the press coverage and discussion surrounding the release, or lack thereof, of OpenAI’s new GPT-2 Language Model. The announcement caused quite a stir, with reactions spanning confusion, frustration, concern, and many points in between. Several days later, many open questions remained about the model and the way the release was handled.

In light of continued robust discourse on the topic, we hosted the first ever TWIML Live session earlier this week—a live-streamed panel discussion exploring the issues surrounding the GPT-2 announcement with more nuance than Twitter’s 280 characters allow. The panel included both OpenAI representatives and outspoken critics of their handling of the announcement.

Watch the replay above to learn:

  • What is a language model? Where does GPT-2 fit in the broader Natural Language Processing (NLP) landscape? What types of tasks is it good for? Why are language models important?
  • What’s special about the language model OpenAI recently released?
  • Why did the announcement create such a stir?
  • Why is it a problem that they didn’t release the full model?
  • What are the true capabilities of this new model?
  • What should OpenAI have done differently?
  • How can you quantitatively evaluate the negative impacts that your software might have?
  • What can the machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) communities do differently? What conversations need to take place and where?
  • What are best practices in honest reporting of new results?

A couple of questions for you… First, if you’ve been following the discussion around OpenAI’s new model, what do you think? And second, if you caught our inaugural TWIML Live session, what did you think about that? Would you like to see us organize more of these types of discussions? If so, what topics would you like us to explore?

Let us know in the comments!

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