Reprogramming the Human Genome with AI featuring Brendan Frey

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My guest this week is Brendan Frey, Professor of Engineering and Medicine at the University of Toronto and Co-Founder and CEO of the startup Deep Genomics. Brendan and I met at the Re-Work Deep Learning Summit in San Francisco last month, where he delivered a great presentation called “Reprogramming the Human Genome: Why AI is Needed.”

My interview with Brendan is focused on application of machine learning & AI to healthcare. In particular, we dig into how Brendan’s research lab and company are applying machine learning and deep learning techniques to treating and preventing human genetic disorders. We dig into a fair amount of technical detail, both biological and ML/AI, and I learned a ton. I think you’ll enjoy this one!

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  • Roger

    I really loved this episode! Informative, practical, interesting. I love how it applies to a relatively novel area. It seems like usually we only hear about ML in reference to business, text, games, and images. I feel like this episode taught me not just new stuff about machine learning, but also a lot more about the human genome. And I appreciate how you kept bringing the conversation back to Ml terminology, such as when you related his process to feature engineering. I hope you do more interviews like this again in the future 🙂

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