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This week i’m bringing you an interview from Bruno Goncalves, a Moore-Sloan Data Science Fellow at NYU. As you’ll hear in the interview, Bruno is a longtime listener of the podcast. We were able to connect at the NY AI conference back in June after I noted on a previous show that I was interested in learning more about word2vec.

Bruno graciously agreed to come on the show and walk us through an overview of word embeddings, word2vec and related ideas. He provides a great overview of not only word2vec, related NLP concepts such as Skip Gram, Continuous Bag of Words, Node2Vec and TFIDF.

TWIML Online Meetup

Thanks to everyone that participated in last weeks TWIML Online Meetup. The discussion, lead by Nikola Kučerová, covered the classic deep learning paper “Learning Long-Term Dependencies with Gradient Descent is Difficult”, by Yoshua Bengio & company. Of course, for those that weren’t able to join us live, we have posted the video recap for you on the meetup page. There you will also find the details for next month’s meetup. See you then!

The Artificial Intelligence Conference

The time has come for the Artificial Intelligence Conference, brought to you by O’Reilly and Intel! I will be in SF the entire week and we have a ton of great interviews lined up, so this should be another awesome series. If you haven’t had a chance to check out our series from the New York event, you can find it at twimlai.com/oreillyainy. If you’ll be at the conference please send me a shout on twitter or via email! I’d love to connect! See you then!

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