Deep Neural Nets for Visual Recognition with Matt Zeiler

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Today we bring you our final interview from backstage at the NYU FutureLabs AI Summit. Our guest this week is Matt Zeiler. Matt graduated from the University of Toronto where he worked with deep learning researcher Geoffrey Hinton and went on to earn his PhD in machine learning at NYU, home of Yann Lecun. In 2013 Matt’s founded Clarifai, a startup whose cloud-based visual recognition system gives developers a way to integrate visual identification into their own products, and whose initial image classification algorithm achieved top 5 results in that year’s ImageNet competition. I caught up with Matt after his talk “From Research to the Real World”. Our conversation focused on the birth and growth of Clarifai, as well as the underlying deep neural network architectures that enable it. If you’ve been listening to the show for a while, you’ve heard me ask several guests how they go about evolving the architectures of their deep neural networks to enhance performance. Well, in this podcast Matt gives the most satisfying answer I’ve received to date by far. Check it out. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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  • Mason Grimshaw

    Matt’s comment about needing a passion for the project that goes beyond the technology was very insightful. Making an impact on the world and bringing your product to people may require you to step away from the parts of the company that you really enjoyed, so it’s important to believe in what you’re doing. Great interview Sam!

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