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Today we bring you the second of three interviews we did backstage from the NYU FutureLabs AI Summit, this time with Ruchir Puri. Ruchir is the Chief Architect at IBM Watson as well as an IBM Fellow. I caught up with Ruchir after his talk  on “engineering the Future of AI for Businesses”. Our conversation focused on cognition and reasoning, and we explored what these concepts represent, how enterprises really want to consume them, and how IBM Watson seeks to deliver them. Another great interview, you’re sure to enjoy it!

Future of Data Summit


The Future of Data Summit

I invite you to join me at the Future of Data Summit, an event I’m organizing in conjunction with the Interop ITX conference in Las Vegas. At the event you’ll learn from industry leaders and technology users on how they’re taking advantage of emerging data-centric technologies like IoT, blockchain, deep learning, and more. To learn more about the Summit visit The code I provide on that page, which is simply my last name, CHARRINGTON, provides TWIML listeners with a 20% discount when they register for Interop.

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