This Week in Machine Learning & AI Podcast This Week in Machine Learning & AI Podcast This Week in Machine Learning & AI Podcast This Week in Machine Learning & AI Podcast This Week in Machine Learning & AI Podcast


    Reinforcement Learning: The Next Frontier of Gaming with Danny Lange

    My guest on the show this week is Danny Lange, VP for Machine Learning & AI at video game technology developer Unity Technologies. Danny is well traveled in the world of ML and AI, and has had a hand in developing machine learning platforms at companies like Uber, Amazon and Microsoft.

    Integrating Psycholinguistics into AI with Dominique Simmons

    Our guest this week is Dominique Simmons, applied research Scientist at AI tools vendor Dimensional Mechanics. Dominique brings an interesting background in cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics to her work and research in AI and, well, to this podcast. We cover the implications of cognitive psychology for neural networks and AI systems, and more.

    Engineering the Future of AI with Ruchir Puri

    This week my guest is Ruchir Puri; Chief architect of IBM Watson, and IBM Fellow. Our conversation focused on cognition and reasoning, and we explored what these concepts represent, how enterprises really want to consume them, and how IBM Watson seeks to deliver them.

    Selling AI to the Enterprise with Kathryn Hume

    This week my guest is Kathryn Hume, President of Fast Forward Labs. She shared several really interesting examples of the kinds of things she’s seeing enterprises do with machine learning and AI, and we discussed a few of the various challenges enterprises face and some of the lessons her company has learned in helping them.

    Photo of Scott Stephenson of Deepgram for This Week in Machine Learning & AI Interview
    From Particle Physics to Audio AI with Scott Stephenson

    This week my guest is Scott Stephenson, co-founder & CEO of Deepgram. Scott and I cover a ton of interesting topics including applying machine learning to particle physics, using deep learning and neural networks to search audio, and Kur, the deep learning framework that his company developed and open-sourced.

    Introducing the AI NexusLab Startups

    This week we spoke with founders from the 5 companies in the inaugural batch of the AI NexusLab program: HelloVera, Klustera,, Cambrian Intelligence, and AlphaVertex.

    Machine Learning for Cybersecurity with Evan Wright

    This week my guest is Evan Wright, principal data scientist at cybersecurity startup Anomali. In my interview with Evan, he and I discussed about a number of topics surrounding the use of machine learning in cybersecurity.

    Stefano Ermon Interview on This Week of Machine Learning & AI
    Domain Knowledge in Machine Learning Models for Sustainability with Stefano Ermon

    My guest this week is Stefano Ermon, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. Stefano and I discuss domain knowledge in machine learning models, dimensionality reduction, semi-supervised learning, proxy & transfer learning, and applying ML & AI to sustainability issues such as poverty, food security and the environment.