Will ChatGPT take my job? with ChatGPT

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About this Episode

More than any system before it, ChatGPT has tapped into our enduring fascination with artificial intelligence, raising in a more concrete and present way important questions and fears about what AI is capable of and how it will impact us as humans. One of the concerns most frequently voiced, whether sincerely or cloaked in jest, is how ChatGPT, or systems like it, will impact our livelihoods. In other words, “will ChatGPT put me out of a job???” In this episode of the podcast, I seek to answer this very question by conducting an interview in which ChatGPT is asking all the questions. (The questions are answered by a second ChatGPT, as in my own recent Interview with it, Exploring Large Language Models with ChatGPT.) In addition to the straight dialogue, I include my own commentary along the way and conclude with a discussion of the results of the experiment, that is, whether I think ChatGPT will be taking my job as your host anytime soon. Ultimately, though, I hope you’ll be the judge of that and share your thoughts on how ChatGPT did at my job via a comment below or on social media.

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