Swarm AI for Event Outcome Prediction with Gregg Wilcox

Banner Image: Gregg Wilcox - Podcast Interview

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About this Episode

Today we are joined by Gregg Willcox, Director of Research and Development at Unanimous AI. Starting out with a general interest in robotics, Gregg found himself in the world of machine learning and AI, inspired specifically by the idea of humans as smart data processors, instead of data points. With the team at Unanimous AI, Gregg uncovered a secret that many creatures in nature have been doing for centuries: using the collective intelligence of a group produces more accurate results, in a more efficient way, (also known as swarming), than an individual alone. From this research, ‘Swarm' was born, a game-like collaboration platform that channels the beliefs and convictions of individuals to come to a consensus. Going one step further, using a behavioral neural network trained on people's behavior called ‘Conviction', the precision of the results is further amplified, leading to significant increases in detailed accuracy. In this episode, Gregg discusses his paper on the topic, real-world use cases and his vision for the future of making humans smarter and more relevant in a world where machines are gaining power.
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