Retinal Image Generation for Disease Discovery with Stephen Odaibo

Banner Image: Stephen Odaibo - Podcast Interview

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About this Episode

Today we're joined by Dr. Stephen G. Odaibo, Founder and CEO of RETINA-AI, a company using Artificial Intelligence to improve healthcare. Stephen's unique journey to machine learning and AI includes degrees in math, medicine and computer science, which led him to an ophthalmology practice before taking on the ultimate challenge as an entrepreneur. RETINA-AI Health harnesses the power of machine learning to build autonomous systems that diagnose and treat retinal diseases. In this episode we chat with Stephan about his expertise in ophthalmology and engineering along with the current state of both industries that led to his company. We delve into his work with GANs to create artificial retinal images, the importance of domain experience and why more data isn't always better.
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