A Quantum Computing Primer and Implications for AI with Davide Venturelli

Banner Image: Davide Venturelli - Podcast Interview

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About this Episode

Today, I'm joined by Davide Venturelli, science operations manager and quantum computing team lead for the Universities Space Research Association's Institute for Advanced Computer Science at NASA Ames. Davide joined me backstage at the NYU Future Labs AI Summit a while back to give me some insight into a topic that I've been curious about for some time now, quantum computing.

We kick off our discussion about the core ideas behind quantum computing, including what it is, how it's applied and the ways it relates to computing as we know it today. We discuss the practical state of quantum computers and what their capabilities are, and the kinds of things you can do with them. And of course, we explore the intersection between AI and quantum computing, how quantum computing may one day accelerate machine learning, and how interested listeners can get started down the quantum rabbit hole.

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