Nexus Lab Cohort 2:

Banner Image: Vinay Anantharaman, Michal Wolski - Podcast Interview
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About this Episode

The podcast you're about to hear is the third of a series of shows recorded at the NYU Future Labs AI Summit last week in New York City. In this episode, you'll hear from, a startup founded by Vinay Anantharaman and Michal Wolski, founders who met working at Clarifai, another NYU Future Labs alumni, whose CEO Matt Zeiler I interviewed on TWIML Talk #22. Bite is using convolutional neural networks and other machine learning to help computers understand and reason about food.

Their product is the app Bitesnap, which provides users with detailed nutritional information about the food they're about to eat using just a photo and a serving size. We dive into the details of their app and service, the machine learning models and pipeline that enable it, and how they plan to compete with other apps targeting dieters, and more!

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