How a Global Energy Company Adopts ML & AI with Nick Osborn

Banner Image: Nick Osborn - Podcast Interview

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About this Episode

On today's show I'm excited to share this interview with Nick Osborn, a longtime listener of the show and Leader of the Global Machine Learning Project Management Office at AES Corporation, a Fortune 200 power company.

Nick and I met at my AI Summit a few weeks back, and after a brief chat about some of the things he was up to at AES, I knew I needed to get him on the show! In this interview, Nick and I explore how AES is implementing machine learning across multiple domains at the company. We dig into several examples falling under the Natural Language, Computer Vision, and Cognitive Assets categories he's established for his projects. Along the way we cover some of the key podcast episodes that helped Nick discover potentially applicable ML techniques, and how those are helping his team broaden the use of machine learning at AES. This was a fun and informative conversation that has a lot to offer. Thanks, Nick!

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