Expressive AI – Generated Music With Google’s Performance RNN with Douglas Eck

Banner Image: Douglas Eck - Podcast Interview

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About this Episode

My guest for this second show in our O'Reilly AI series is Doug Eck of Google Brain. Doug did a keynote at the O'Reilly conference on Magenta, Google's project for melding machine learning and the arts. Magenta's goal is to produce open-source tools and models that help people in their personal creative processes. Doug's research starts with using so-called "generative" machine learning models to create engaging media. Additionally, he is working on how to bring other aspects of the creative process into play.

We talk about the newly announced Performance RNN project, which uses neural networks to create expressive, AI-generated music. We also touch on QuickDraw, a project by Google AI Experiments, in which users as Doug describes it, "play Pictionary" with a visual classifier. We dig into what he foresees as possibilities for Magenta, machine learning models eventually developing storylines, generative models for media and creative coding.

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