Developing a Brain Atlas Using Deep Learning with Theofanis Karayannis

Banner Image: Theofanis Karayannis - Podcast Interview
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About this Episode

Today we're joined by Theofanis Karayannis, Assistant Professor at the Brain Research Institute of the University of Zurich. Theo's research is currently focused on understanding how circuits in the brain are formed during development and modified by experiences. Working with animal models, Theo segments and classifies the brain regions, then detects cellular signals that make connections throughout and between each region. How, you may ask? The answer is (relatively) simple: Deep Learning. Adapting DL methods to fit the biological scope of work, Theo looks at the distribution of connections that makes neurological decisions in both animals and humans every day. From the way images of the brain are collected to genetic trackability, this is an episode you don't want to miss.
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