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About this Episode

The podcast you're about to hear is one of a handful of interviews I recorded live from the O'Reilly AI and Strata conferences in New York City. This time around our guest is Hilary Mason, who I interviewed last year at the O'Reilly AI conference in New York City. Hilary was one of the first "famous" data scientists; I remember the first opportunity I had to hear her speak was in 2011 at the Strange Loop conference in St. Louis. At the time she was Chief Scientist for, the company that popularized shortlinks on the web. Nowadays Hilary is running Fast Forward Labs, a company she founded which helps organizations accelerate their data science and machine intelligence capabilities through a variety of research and consulting offerings. I tracked Hilary down at the AI conference after hearing from an attendee that her talk on "Practical AI Product Development" was their absolute favorite session. We had a wonderful, though somewhat brief chat, that I'm sure you're going to enjoy and learn from. As is the case with my other field recordings, there's a bit of unavoidable background noise. Sorry for that.
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