Automated ML for RNA Design with Danny Stoll

Banner Image: Danny Stoll - Podcast Interview

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About this Episode

Today we're joined by Danny Stoll, Research Assistant at the University of Freiburg. Since high school, Danny has been fascinated by Deep Learning which has grown into a desire to make machine learning available to anyone with interest. Danny's current research can be encapsulated in his latest paper, ‘Learning to Design RNA'. Designing RNA molecules has become increasingly popular as RNA is responsible for regulating biological process, even connected to diseases like Alzheimers and Epilepsy. In this episode, Danny explains the design process through reverse engineering and how his team's deep learning algorithm is applied to train and design a sequence. And another. And another. Listen as we cover transfer learning, multitask learning, ablation studies, hyperparameter optimization and the difference between chemical and statistical based approaches.
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